Kaloud in 2016

Well, there it is.  2015 is slowly fading and 2016 is just getting fired up.  We've seen a lot this year as a company.  We launched Samsaris and are now launching Samsaris Vitria.  We've fought counterfeiters and copiers.  We received our first US Patent on the Kaloud Lotus and look forward to our other international Patent Applications being approved as well.  And, beyond all this, we've stuck to our vision... we've continued to work hard on even more extraordinary new products that we will reveal to the world in 2016. 

Yes, 2015 is fading out like a candle, it's flickering away, giving way to the beacon of light that is 2016.  We know we will surprise and delight you and so we promise you now: 2016 will be the year of Kaloud!