How to Use Kaloud’s Krysalis Monarch Hookah

The Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Collection of hookahs represents Kaloud's crowning achievement and greatest contribution to the Universe that is Hookah. Each model has a different aesthetic, but all Krysalis Monarchs come with Dual-Chambered Hand-Blown Crystal Vessel Intake and a Carbon Activated Filtration System to guarantee the perfect puffs.

How to Assemble the Krysalis Monarch Hookah

Kaloud has reached new heights in hookah innovation and design with its Krysalis Monarch collection of hookahs, but, in order to enjoy it most, proper assembly is a necessity. Here’s how to get the best experience out of the Monarch hookahs, and give them the love they deserve:

  1. Heat up your hookah charcoal as you’re assembling your Monarch. For the best shisha experience, we recommend Kaloud® Aura® Premium Charcoal. Crafted from the finest Indonesian coconuts, Aura hookah charcoal is specially formulated to give you the cleanest, most consistent, heat available.
  2. Lift off the stone cover and take the Monarch’s parts out of the wooden hookah base.
  3. Screw the manifold extenders into the manifold.
  4. Remove the outer and inner glass vessels from the hookah.
  5. If you’re using the Selestia LED, turn it on and place it in the space beneath the inner vessel.
  6. Fill the inner vessel with water until it’s just above the thread of the diffuser.
  7. Place the outer vessel on the manifold and ensure a proper seal on all sides.
  8. Pack the Samsaris hookah bowl with tobacco so that it’s just above the center spire of the bowl.
  9. Plug the Samsaris hookah bowl and the down-stem assembly into the outer vessel.
  10. Plug in the purge valve and the hookah hose into the manifold extenders.
  11. Place your Lotus heat management device on top of your Samsaris hookah bowl and insert your heated hookah charcoal.
  12. Wait 5-10 minutes before enjoying the best shisha clouds on the planet!

How to Disassemble the Krysalis Monarch Hookah

While not nearly as exciting as building your Monarch, proper disassembly and storage is recommended for the long-term health of your new, favorite hookah. After a smokey shisha session, here’s how to disassemble the Monarch:

  1. Make sure the Lotus heat management device is cool to the touch.
  2. Remove the Lotus heat management device and Samsaris hookah bowl. 
  3. Discard the hookah charcoal as well as the used tobacco.
  4. Take out the outer vessel and dump out the water.
  5. Detach your purge valve and hookah hose.
  6. Place all parts back into the wooden base after a thorough clean.
  7. Place the stone cover over the wooden base.

How to Clean the Krysalis Monarch Hookah

Before you store your Monarch and begin dreaming about bringing it out again, we highly recommend you clean your hookah after each use. A proper cleaning will, without a doubt, provide for continued exceptional hookah experiences.
  1. Wash your Samsaris hookah bowl after every use and ensure that all tobacco is cleared away.
  2. Rinse every other part of the hookah.
  3. Once every 10 uses, we suggest a deeper cleaning with warm water and mild dish soap.
  4. Wipe down all parts of the hookah with dish soap and a soft sponge.
  5. Hand dry all parts. Never place any Monarch parts in the dishwasher or use any harsh solvents or scrubs on any of the parts.
  6. Replace your Ayara Activated Carbon Filters (Included with purchase) every 30-60 shisha sessions.
  7. Unscrew the diffuser and take out the used carbon filter.
  8. Insert a fresh filter.
  9. Rinse the down-stem with cold water for 30 seconds

    How to Adjust Your Krysalis Monarch Hookah

    Though it’s rare, you may need to adjust the umbrella valve on your hookah.

    If you’re getting no smoke, adjust your umbrella valve in the purge valve. To do this, just remove the purge, unscrew the cap, and adjust the umbrella valve until it’s seated properly. You also should make sure the umbrella valve is completely covering the valve plate with no leaks.

    If you’re unable to suck any air through the hose, adjust the umbrella valve in the downstem. Simply remove the downstem, unscrew the cap where it plugs into the Samsaris hookah bowl and adjust any uneven edges of the umbrella valve.

    Kaloud is dedicated to its products and its customers and we sincerely hope that you find as much enjoyment in our Krysalis Monarch hookahs as we do. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media. And if you fall in love with our hookah, tag us when you share your experience with #Kaloud.

    • Kaloud® Krysalis® Astral® Edition
      Kaloud® Krysalis® Astral® Edition
    • Kaloud® Krysalis® Anahata® Edition
      Kaloud® Krysalis® Anahata® Edition

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