How to Use the Kaloud Aeolis Hookah Hose

The Kaloud Aeolis Hookah Hoses are made of wood, stainless steel, and platinum cured silicone in a durable weave all of which work to help prevent bacteria and mold from accumulating within the hookah hose.

Step 1: Plug the Aeolis Hookah Hose into your Kaloud Krysalis

The Aeolis hookah hose system was purposefully designed to be used with our Kaloud Krysalis hookahs. Assembling the Aeolis is straightforward, just plug the Aeolis in the designated hole in the base of your Krysalis. 

You can also use an Aeolis hookah hose with most standard hookahs without additional hassle. Simply plug the included hose adapter into the Aeolis and connect the adapter into the downstem of your hookah.

Step 2: Cleaning the Aeolis Hookah Hose

Keeping your Aeolis hose clean will guarantee you’re getting the purest flavor with every shisha puff. Due to the careful thoughtful design and selection of high-quality materials, Aeolis hookah hoses don’t require complicated maintenance. 

We suggest cleaning your Aeolis hookah hoses after every three to five hookah sessions. To clean, run hot water with mild dish soap through the bottom of the Aeolis hose. Rinse thoroughly to avoid build up. We strongly suggest you dry off the wood and metal parts of the Aeolis hookah hose to avoid water damage. Finally, hang it in a vertical position to ensure the hose dries completely before your next shisha session.


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