And So, the story continues.  We promise you we will always climb up, always evolve, always create, always surprise. 

Each Krysalis® Eltheria® comes with a unique numerical identifier and some other surprises.  We hope you Love what we've spent years crafting. 

Lounges interested in carrying the Kaloud® Krysalis® Eltheria® please email us at or fill out our contact form

Thank you!

The Kaloud® Krysalis® Eltheria® is US & International Patent Pending

Kaloud® Krysalis® and Eltheria®  are Registered Trademarks of Kaloud®, Inc.  All rights reserved.

*Please note, due to the necessity to maintain high standards of hygiene, all sales on any Krysalis Eltheria is final.  Your warranty would still apply, but we must respectfully decline any returns.  Thank you!

Kaloud® Krysalis® Eltheria® Black Features Include

    • Dual-Chambered Ultra Clear BPA Free Plastic - It's resilient and beautiful.
    • A Horizontal Purge - No more sticky balls... wait, that came out wrong.  Or did it?
    • Ayara Carbon Activated Filtration System - Your puffs don't have to be filthy.  Welcome to the 21st Century.
    • The Kaloud Selestia® Bluetooth Enabled Lighting and Control System - Beyond description.  It will blow you away... way way away. (This product will ship in April).
    • Reverse Adapter - You can use it with your existing hose collection.  
    • Kaloud Samsaris Krysalis Edition - Glass, Metal, and now Ceramic... whatever your preference we have you covered. ;-)  (Required Accessory)
    • Woven Platinum Cured Silicone Hose - No kinks, no stains, no restriction, no bacteria.  Express yourself in style! (Recommended Accessory)
    • Kaloud Lotus® I+ or Kaloud Lotus® II - What else would you expect from the people who literally invented the Heat Management Device?  Aluminum, Steel, Colors!!!  We're a wellspring of choice!  Choose wisely... :-) (Recommended Accessory)
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Mohammed A.
United States United States
Experience Hookah differently

It was an excellent customer journey, from answering my question before purchase to post-purchase. Kaloud has managed my transaction and shipping entirely, now when it comes to the Krysalis. Everything was screaming quality. The packaging, the components were beautifully made and robust to last you a lifetime. Upon smoking it, you can be confident that it’s worth every dollar spent. The pull was smoother than any hookah I’ve tried before, the flavor was rich, and the lotus did indeed Lengthen my session. If you're planning to purchase the Krysalis, please consider buying all the components from Kaloud to experience a smoking experience.

Joseph J.
United States United States
The last hookah pipe I will ever need

Okay real talk it was more than I wanted to spend on a pipe but its better than any pipe I have ever purchased the filters make a major difference in session quality cuts harsh smoke and gives you pure flavor you get four in the Box so no need to rush to buy more but I went ahead and ordered additional i did try session without them and it was also equally as satisfying but it was with friends so more a shared session the hose and tips are the best quality I have ever purchased hands down I have some 25+ pipes and I mean really good quality pipes but this one definitely destroyed all of them and the presentation is amazing the price is right for this guy in fact to be real I have probably paid a little more for less now please release the Selestial light please

Keith U.
United States United States
Amazing Product

I absolutely love the look and feel of this product! This fits nice in the center of my living room table and looks nice and decorative when not in use! Ease of use and cleaning makes this so much better! Probably one of the best smokes I’ve had really love this and worth the money spent on it. Not disappointed in the least

United States United States
Best Hookah to Best Customer Service!

Amazing products, High-end quality and the Best Customer Service by far! Very impressed! Buy with confidence!

Michael D.
United States United States
Worth it, worth it, worth it

This has been a phenomenal hookah. I love the design and of course the smoke. I’ve never had it as smooth as I have now. People complain about it nog being crystal well understand that it would shatter, because of how you set this bad boy up. Everyone loved it aesthetically but the clouds are real, the filters in it are real, and I will never go back to traditional hookahs now that I have this!