A Bit of Joy

Dear Kaloud Tribe,

We want to first take a moment to thank all those of you who are working hard to enable the rest of us to live with some measure of security, well-being, and, hopefully, some quantity of Joy in this time. 

To the first responders, caregivers, grocery store employees, warehouse teams, delivery agents, bank tellers, restaurants, shared ride drivers, customer service reps, and all the rest of you--we cannot thank you enough!  You are truly inspiring and examples of the best of what we are.  

For this week’s list, we wanted to share items that bring us Joy and hopefully you will enjoy at least some of them.  

As always, if you have any suggestions of your own, please email them to us.  We love discovering new things through recommendations from others.  We will do our best to share your recommendations with the community as well. 

With that said...

For you Live Music lovers out there, in case you haven't seen it already, the #TogetherAtHome Concert Series on YouTube is pretty awesome:

Together At Home Concerts

If you like Mac and Cheese, you will Love this recipe to kick it up a notch:

Make a Boxed Mac and Cheese Better

If you like Fantasy Novels and enjoy long books, you might want to check out the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

Wheel of Time Series

There are 14 books in the series with an average page length of about 800 pages, but so worth it!!

The Moth is an incredible organization that brings people from all across the world to events in order to tell their stories

The Moth

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how awesome some of these stories and the people telling them are

Because no one is an island unto themselves

Houseparty App


Netflix Party

Houseparty is like Zoom with games to play with friends... perfect for a virtual social gathering, and Netflix Party allows you to watch Netflix programs while interacting with your friends

If you think now is the time to learn something new then check out these articles with a ton of online resources for everything from language and coding to design and entrepreneurship:

The 24 Best Sites for Learning New Skills


25 Killer Sites for Free Online Education

We truly hope that you liked at least some of this.

As we mentioned above, please email us with any suggestions or feedback that you might have.

With Love, Gratitude, and the Warmest Virtual Hugs Ever,

The Kaloud Team

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