Will Slapped Chris and How Hookah Can Help Them Heal

Will Smith and Chris Rock Slap
If you watched the Oscars, you may have seen Will Smith slap Chris Rock after Chris roasted Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.  Smith later went on to win the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the movie "King Richard".  In his acceptance speech Smith repeatedly mentioned that he feels called to protect the people he loves.  

Whatever you feel about slap and Smith's acceptance speech, it may be that two people that many like and admire were involved in a sad event.  There's a lot of chaos in the world right now, and this event is just one micro-event in that chaos.  

For those of you that Love Hookah the way we do, you know how powerful a tool Hookah can be for helping connect people and, sometimes, helping to be a catalyst for the hard conversations that can be as powerful in connecting us to each other as the light ones.  

At Kaloud, we believe that the only way we can emerge from the chaos is together, there is no other way through... we have to go through this together.  As we move through these challenging times, remember the power of connection, share your Hookah with the people you Love, but also use your Hookah as a tool to connect with people you don't know or Love yet, and, where appropriate, use your Hookah to reconnect with the people you need to have the hard conversations with.  There's a reason cultures throughout history shared pipes filled with tobacco with friends and enemies to celebrate and forge peace.

For our part, we hope Chris and Will take the lead and sit down with each other in the Hookah tradition we all know and Love and puff, share, repeat, until they emerge from this closer friends, better human beings, and examples of how we truly can transform the world for the better one puff at a time. 

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