How To Use the Kaloud Lotus® II Hookah Heat Management Device


Heat Up Your Hookah Charcoal

Before setting up your Lotus II we recommend you heat up your charcoal.


Pack your Samsaris Hookah Bowl

Pack the tobacco up to the center spire of the Samsaris. There’s no right or wrong way to pack your shisha tobacco. As we like to say, packing is more of an art than a science, as it depends solely on your personal preference.


Place the Kaloud Lotus heat management system on the Samsaris Bowl

Place your Lotus on top of your Samsaris hookah bowl and arrange the heated charcoal in the base.


Managing the Heat Levels of your Hookah

There are three recommended ways to regulate heat levels with the Lotus II hookah heat management system.

•Keeping the lid off will produce the least amount of heat.
•Having the lid on with the vents open delivers medium heat.
•Closing the vents will create the most heat.

More heat delivers richer, heavier smoke, however you need to be careful not to apply too much heat, or the tobacco will taste burnt and potentially sting the back of the throat.

Based on your preference, you can add or remove charcoal to achieve the desired hookah experience for yourself. We strongly suggest that you use a pair of hookah tongs like the Vestara when handling the hot charcoal.


Clean the Lotus II Hookah Heat Management System

To start off, make sure your Lotus II is cool to the touch before cleaning. Wipe out your Lotus after every session to prevent charcoal build up. If a deep clean is needed, soak the Lotus II in hot tap water, let it rest for 3 hours, and scrub with a soft sponge.

You may need to repeat the process a couple of times. Please note, if you own a stainless steel Lotus II do not use any harsh scrubs or solvents as they will cause discoloration.

Learn more about the Lotus in our guide to hookah heat management.

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