What Are The Different Types Of Hookah?

Do you know what the different types of hookah are? If not, don't worry! In this blog post, we will discuss all the different kinds of hookahs that are on the market. We will also provide a brief description of each type so that you can decide which one is right for you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, there is definitely a type of hookah out there for you!

What is hookah?

A hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke flavored tobacco. The tobacco is heated with coals, and the smoke is passed through a water chamber before it is inhaled. Hookah smoking began in the Middle East, and it has become popular all over the world in recent years.

What are the different types of hookah?

There are many types of hookahs on the market, and each one has its own unique features. Here are some of the most popular types of hookah:

Glass hookahs

Glass hookahs represent a modern variation on the traditional style shisha pipe. Normally made from hand-blown or shaped glass, this hookah is an ideal option for people wanting pure shisha smoke with no background taste.

Traditional hookahs

Traditional hookahs are what most people think of when they hear the word “hookah”. These pipes have a long, often decorative stem that connects to a large vase-like base. The bowl sits on top of the stem, and coals are placed on top of the tobacco to heat it.

Modern design hookahs

As anyone who has ever smoked a hookah can attest, the traditional design of the hookah pipe has flaws. One of the most common problems is that the bowl is often positioned too close to the head of the pipe, making it difficult to get a good draw on the tobacco. Another issue is that the bowl is often made from ceramic or glass, which can shatter if it falls. Finally, traditional hookahs often have small vents that can become clogged, making it difficult to get good airflow.

Designers have attempted to solve these problems by creating modern versions of the above types of hookah made with contemporary materials and techniques. One of the most notable examples is the Kaloud hookahs, which feature a unique design that makes it easier to smoke and less likely to break. These hookahs also feature a large vent that allows for better airflow, and they are made from a combination of durable materials that won't shatter if dropped.

As a result, the Kaloud hookahs are the most popular hookahs on the market today. Whether you're a traditionalist or a modern smoker, there's a Kaloud hookah out there that's perfect for you.

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What does a hookah set include?

A hookah set is complete equipment that is necessary for smoking tobacco with a hookah pipe. The set includes the following items: a vase, a tobacco bowl, and hoses. A hookah set helps you to enjoy the flavor of tobacco without having to worry about the smoke.

The vase

The vase of the hookah set is where you put the water. It should be made of glass so that you can see the water level. You can also use vases that are made of metal or plastic. It is important to choose a vase that is airtight so that the air will not slip away when you are smoking.

The tobacco bowl

The tobacco bowl is where you put the tobacco. It should be made of ceramic, glass, metal or clay. It is important to choose a tobacco bowl that is made of quality materials.


The hoses of the hookah set are used to connect the pipes to the vase. They should be made of rubber or plastic. It is important to choose hoses that are airtight so that the air will not escape when you are smoking.

These are the three key components of a hookah set. When you are choosing a hookah set, it is important to choose one that is made of quality materials.

What is hookah made of?

Hookah has many layers, both literal and figurative. When you look at a hookah, you notice that it has several parts: the bowl, the stem, the vase, the hose, and the mouthpiece. Each of these parts is essential to the function of the hookah.

What are the different types of hookah bowl materials?

different types of hookah bowl materials

Let us go through the different materials that make a hookah bowl and their pros and cons so far.


The clay in hookahs is among the most widely used materials for its dimensional strength, as well as its high temperature and heat transfer qualities, and it is often cheaper to use as an underlying material. Many pottery bowls are handmade individually and are often small and imperfect. The clay hookah bowl can withstand the heat from hookah charcoal and disperse the heat across the shisha smoke.


Glass is the least widely used material when making hookah bowls because it is fragile and requires intense processing, but it offers an additional set of advantages in the shisha smoking process. These hookah bowls are non-abrasive of shisha flavors, so they have a clean, accurate taste and are also equipped with unique glazing that makes them distinctive.

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Although technically a form of clay, ceramic is also commonly used in hookahs. They are sometimes thinner and heavier than clay pots, and they're more easily mass produced. Similar to a clay pot, ceramic hookah bowls are available in several design variations - suitable for a ton of hookahs.

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Silicone is a rubber substance that is relatively new to the hookah bowl industry and has several advantages. For one, silicone hookah bowls are entirely shatterproof, but do not include a hybrid bowl made from silicone glass, which is ideal for a party or traveling. Aside from this, silicone conductivity makes it easy for the handling and cooling of flammable materials. Though, it is important to know that some hookah smokers do not prefer the use of silicone bowls because they can change the taste of shisha.


Aluminum is another lesser commonly used material when assembling hookah bowls. Though, the metal is growing in popularity as the hooking ball is becoming more widely used. Aluminum alloy can transfer heat much faster and at much higher temperatures than many other kinds of hookah bowls. According to the way you like smoking hookah, aluminum's heat-producing capabilities are blessings or curses. You can cook shisha much faster and evenly on all sides.

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What are the different types of hookah stem materials?

The hookah stem is what connects the bowl to the vase and comes in a wide range of materials, including wood, bamboo, stainless steel, and aluminum. The most popular stem material is stainless steel because it is durable, easy to clean, and provides a great smoking experience. However, bamboo and wood stems are also popular because they add a unique flavor to the smoke.

At Kaloud, we offer a wide selection of hookahs with stems made from high-quality materials.

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What are the different types of hookah vase materials?

The vase is the bottom part of the hookah that holds the water and comes in a variety of materials. The most common vase material is glass.

Glass is clear, which makes it easy to see the water level and know when it needs to be refilled. Glass is also easy to clean and doesn’t absorb flavors from tobacco.

What are the different types of hookah hose materials?

The hose is what you use to draw the smoke from the hookah and it also is available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, resin, glass and plastic. The best hose materials are those that won't absorb flavors or add any unwanted taste to the smoke.

At Kaloud, we offer a wide selection of hoses made from stainless steel and silicone, with wood handles for a unique look and feel.

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What are the different types of hookah mouthpiece materials?

The mouthpiece is the part of the hose that you put in your mouth and it also comes in a variety of materials such as metal, glass, steel, wood, and plastic. The best mouthpiece materials are those that don’t add any unwanted flavor to the smoke.

At Kaloud, we offer a wide selection of mouthpieces made of high-quality stainless steel.

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How to choose the best hookah?

how to choose hookah

When choosing a hookah, there are many things to consider. What type of metal is the hookah made of? How easy is it to clean? What is the size of the hookah? But perhaps the most important consideration of all is the price. With so many factors to consider, it's difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we're here to help.

The quality of the metal

The most critical feature to check when choosing a hookah is the quality of the metal. High-grade metals will last longer and be less likely to cause problems like air leakages, corrosion, or broken pipes. However, high-grade metals are also more expensive than lower-grade metals. As such, it is important to weigh your durability needs against your budget when selecting a metal for your hookah.

The ease of cleaning

Besides metal quality, you should also consider how easy the hookah is to clean. Some hookahs have removable parts that make them easier to clean than others. If you plan on using your hookah regularly, choose one that is easier to clean so that you can maintain it properly.

The hookah size

Finally, you should also consider the size of the hookah when making your selection. Hookahs come in a variety of sizes, from small hookahs that are perfect for one person to large hookahs that are designed for parties or gatherings. Choose a size that will be appropriate for your needs.

What is the best hookah for beginners?

If you are new to hookah smoking, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a hookah. First, choose a hookah that is easy to set up and clean. Second, choose a hookah that is the appropriate size for your needs. And finally, choose a hookah that is affordable. With these factors in mind, we believe the best hookah for beginners is the Krysalis Calix.

Krysalis Calix

The Kaloud Krysalis Calix is a top-of-the-line hookah that comes with everything you need for your first ultimate smoking experience. Plus, the size of the Kaloud Krysalis Calix is perfect for beginners. It's not too big or too small, making it the perfect choice for those who are just starting out.

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria III hookah, Kaloud Lotus III, II or I heat management device, and Aeolis hose are all made from high-quality materials, and the Kaloud bowl adapter ensures a perfect fit.

You can complete your Kaloud Calix set with a Selestia Breathing LED light so you can see your smoke as it swirls around in the air. The Kaloud Aura Premium Coconut charcoal is the perfect finishing touch to this complete hookah set.

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Do you want a bigger hookah?

Kaloud hookahs are some of the best hookahs for beginners for a few reasons.

First, Kaloud hookahs come with everything you need to get started, including the bowl, vase, and hose. Second, Kaloud hookahs are easy to set up and use. Third, Kaloud hookahs produce great-tasting smoke. Fourth, Kaloud hookahs are very durable and will last for many years with proper care.

If you are looking for a great big hookah to start with, Kaloud is a great option. Kaloud hookahs provide everything you need to get started smoking hookah, and they produce great-tasting smoke. Some of the best big hookahs from Kaloud include the Krysalis Monarch and the Krysalis Eltheria.

Krysalis Eltheria

The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria is a 20 cm tall and 8.5 kg hookah that comes with everything you need for an ultimate session.

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Krysalis Monarch

The Krysalis Monarch is a 22.2 cm tall and 43 kg hookah that comes with a marble base. Whether you're looking for a unique conversation piece or the ultimate in Hookah luxury, the Monarch is sure to exceed your expectations.

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