How To Use the Kaloud® Krysalis® Calix Hookah


Setting Up Your Calix™

We recommend heating up your hookah charcoal as you’re assembling your Calix™. Unscrew the Top part of the Calix™. If you’re using the Selestia® LED, turn it on, pair it with the app and place it under the inner vessel. Place the Selestia® inside the extension base with the Selestia® cover. Place the outer vessel on the exterior base. Unscrew the inner vessel from the neck. Pack the Samsaris® Bowl (or other bowl) with tobacco so that it’s just above the center spire of the bowl. Place the Samsaris® bowl and downstem inside the Calix™. Plug in the hose. Place your Lotus® III heat management device on top of your bowl and insert your heated charcoal. Place the top lid of your Lotus® III heat management device and close the lid.


Wait at least 5-10 minutes before opening the vents and then enjoy!


Disassemble your Calix™

Unplug the hose. Remove the Lotus® III heat management device and let is cool down. Make sure your bowl is cool to the touch and remove from the Calix™. Unscrew all other parts and set aside the Selestia®. Dump out the water from the vessel.


Clean your Calix™

After each use, wipe out any leftover tobacco from your bowl. Wash and rinse all parts with water except the Selestia®. Hand dry all parts to prevent water spots. The Calix™ is not dishwasher safe.

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