Hookah Tips: What Are These & How To Choose & Use Them?

Do you love hookah? If so, you're probably always looking for ways to make your smoking experience even better. In this blog post, we will discuss hookah tips - what they are, where to buy these, how to use them and more! We'll also provide a few tips of our own to help you get the most out of your smoking sessions. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced smoker, read on for some valuable information!

What are hookah tips?

Hookah tips are small, perforated discs that are placed over the hookah mouthpiece. They help to create a seal between the hookah hose and the smoker's mouth, which prevents saliva and other liquids from entering the hookah.

Can you smoke without a hookah tip?

Yes, you can technically smoke hookah without using a hookah tip. However, we highly recommend that you use one - especially if you're sharing your hookah with others. Hookah tips help to keep the hookah clean and prevent the spread of germs.

The different types of hookah tips

types of hookah tips

There are two main types of hookah tips:

Disposable hookah tips: These are made from paper or plastic and you can use them once and then throw them away.

Reusable hookah tips: These are usually made from silicone, wood or stainless steel and you can wash and reuse them multiple times.

Disposable VS reusable tips

Choosing between disposable and reusable tips is a personal preference. Disposable tips are more convenient as you don't have to worry about washing them after each use. However, they do not offer such a pleasant smoking experience and can affect the taste of your hookah.

Reusable tips, on the other hand, provide a better seal and a more enjoyable smoking experience. They are also better for the environment since you're not throwing away paper or plastic after each use. However, they require some maintenance, as you have to wash them after every smoking session.

The different shapes and sizes of hookah tips

Hookah tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shape is round. But you can also find hookah tips that are oval, heart-shaped, or even in the shape of an animal or other object. The size of hookah tips varies as well - some are small enough to fit on your finger, while others are large enough to cover the entire hookah mouthpiece.

Popular disposable tips on the market

Some of the most popular hookah tips on the market include:

The jumbo hookah tip: This hookah tip is extra-large and can be used with any size hookah.

The medium-jumbo hookah tip: This hookah tip is larger than a standard hookah tip, but smaller than a jumbo hookah tip. It's perfect for use with medium to large hookahs.

The outside fitting hookah tip: This hookah tip is ideal for narrow hookah mouthpieces.

The dual-sided hookah tip: This hookah tip has a different design and diameter on each side, so you can use it with both thin and thick hookah hoses.

Popular reusable tips on the market

If you're looking for a hookah tip you can reuse, there are a few different options to choose from, including:

The silicone hookah tip: This hookah tip is typically made from food-grade silicone and can be washed and reused multiple times.

The wooden hookah tip: This hookah tip is usually made from bamboo or another type of wood. It's important to use a hookah tip made from a non-toxic wood to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals.

The stainless steel hookah tip: This hookah tip is durable and you can wash them and reuse them multiple times.

Where to buy hookah tips?

where to buy hookah tips

You can buy hookah tips online or at most smoke shops. Finding quality hookah tips is easy if you know where to look.

If you are looking for disposable tips, we recommend checking any popular hookah websites or online retailers that sell hookah supplies.

If you are looking for reusable long-lasting hookah tips to pair with your Kaloud hose, Kaloud is the way to go. All of our tips are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

You can find our hookah tips in a variety of colors and packs here.

How to use hookah tips?

Using tips is easy! Simply place the hookah tip over the hookah mouthpiece and inhale. Be sure to remove the hookah tip after each use and wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

Tips to enhance your shisha session

  1. If you're using a disposable hookah mouthpiece, be sure to replace it frequently. Disposable hookah mouthpieces can become breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. To avoid a bitter taste, be sure to clean your hookah regularly. We recommend using a hookah cleaning solution and scrubbing the bowl, stem and hose with a hookah brush.
  3. To avoid a nasty headache, start with short hookah smoking sessions and escalate the duration as you get used to it.
  4. If you're sharing your hookah with others, be sure to use a fresh or clean hookah tip each time. This will help to prevent the spread of germs.
  5. To avoid a wet hookah experience, we recommend using quick light charcoal. Quick light charcoal lights faster and burns hotter than traditional charcoal, which will help to keep your hookah smoking session dry.
  6. And finally, don't forget to enjoy your hookah! Smoking hookah should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flavor of your favorite tobacco!

Enjoying your shisha session to the fullest!

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