This is Our Story, not the full story mind you, but part of it…

For almost as long as there has been a concept of the tribe, or of civilization, people have gathered. Gathered to share the experiences that shape who they are and who they aspire to be. They congregated around the campfires that lit the darkness of night; they congregated in the common rooms and taverns of yesteryear; and today, they congregate in the cafés and lounges of the world.

From Shanghai to London and from New York to Tokyo, millions sit with one-another and share of themselves. They share meals, drinks, and… Hookahs. They laugh, they cry, they fall in love, and they forge new relationships—all as the Hookah is passed from person-to-person, a ritual rooted in our common history.

Now, as we boldly embark on the journey towards our common future, the people and the cultures’ that sustain them have evolved, and though tastes and habits may have changed, the underlying purpose— connection—remains the same. It is in this landscape, which honors the traditions and rituals of connection while simultaneously meeting the needs of people living in a new age that Kaloud is born.

But what is Kaloud?

“Kala” (Kalā) is Hindi for Art and, when blended with the word Cloud, it Manifests the Cultural and Innovative Paradigm Shift otherwise known as – KALOUD.