Kaloud Hookah Bowls

Imagine an extended and more flavorful smoking session. It’s hard to enjoy all of those mouthwatering shisha flavors without the use of a good bowl. A quality hookah bowl is a must have for a heightened smoking experience. If a smooth and quality session is important to you, look no further.


Reach your ideal temperature faster and retain all of that heat for a more intimate hookah experience.

What makes a quality hookah bowl?

Kaloud has taken a more sophisticated approach to creating bowls. Our exclusive non-ceramic bowls conduct heat better than ceramic bowls and cook your shisha evenly. Our hookah bowls heat up quickly and easily withstand temperature changes.  

When preparing a bowl of your shisha for one of our heat management devices, pack your shisha about 2 quarters widths about the rim. Avoid packing your shisha too tightly. You’ll want a good amount of airflow to cook your shisha thoroughly and enjoy all of the flavors. 

Our hookah bowl is removable from the silicon portion which makes our bowls very easy to clean, so you can spend more time enjoying your session.

The Epitome of Elegance in Hookah Bowls: The Kaloud Samsaris

Kaloud’s hookah bowls are the world’s first high quality silicone-glass hybrid hookah bowl. The patented Samsaris line of hookah bowls conducts heat so you can experience flavorful session after session leaving your shisha thoroughly cooked.

  • <p><strong>Heat Resistant: The flexible silicone-glass hookah bowls can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can enjoy your sessions with less coals.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Flavor Saver: The Vortex bowl is leak-proof and designed to keep your tobacco flavorful and moist while remaining easy to clean.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Unbreakable: Durable enough to withstand any fall.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Quicker Heating: Our silicone bowl heats up twice as fast than other bowls and uses a lot less coals and Shisha.</strong></p>

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Discover why the Kaloud Samsaris collection is a dream come true and enhance your shisha smoking experience with Kaloud’s hookah bowls. The Kaloud Krysalis® is not a Hookah... It's a Krysalis®. Truly the world's first. It’s our greatest contribution to the Universe that is Hookah. The Kaloud Krysalis® Eltheria® is not a Hookah... It's a Krysalis. It draws upon more than 500-years of tradition and innovation with its carbon activated filtration system.