Kaloud’s Premium Hookah Charcoal: Aura Coconut Shell Charcoal

Clean, consistent heat for a longer, tastier session.

Coconut Charcoals are essential for every hookah session. Because coals heat up your shisha, we’ve designed our charcoals to help elevate and deliver incredibly clean puffs during your hookah sessions.


Natural coconut husk for the purest tasting hookah

Coconut Shell Hookah Charcoal

Coconut shell hookah charcoal has innovated the hookah industry. The Coconut Shell hookah charcoal has evolved as a safer alternative to quick light charcoal. To create the best hookah charcoal, the agricultural waste of coconut husk is then melted into paste. As the paste hardens, the coconut shell is compressed into coconut charcoal briquettes. This compression allows for much longer and cleaner burn times than traditional quick light coals.

Why Kaloud Uses Coconut Shell Charcoals

For our premium, coconut charcoals, you’ll need a reliable electric coil burner. If you use your stovetop to heat our coals, please ensure adequate ventilation in the room your coals are lit. Place them directly on the coils until one side is glowing red and then flip. Once the charcoal briquette starts to glow, use your Kaloud Vestara hookah tongs to transfer to your bowl and get ready to enjoy your session. Our charcoals are guaranteed to last longer than the average coals. Once you’ve finished smoking, place the coals in water to fizzle out before throwing away.

  • <p><br/>Lengthy burning time – Fewer coals needed per session</p>

  • <p><br/>Better heat distribution - A half moon-shape for the perfect fit into your Kaloud Lotus or other HMD</p>

  • <p><br/>Quality natural coconut husk – More flavor, less ash</p>

  • <p><br/>Better for your health and the environment – No extra additives</p>

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