Kaloud’s Original Hookah Charcoal Tongs: Vestara Hookah Tongs

We’ve been watching the way you're handling your charcoal and we feel like there's a better way... a sexier way! For the perfect hookah session, every piece must be pure luxury, including the tongs.


The greatest tongs known in the hookah universe

How are Kaloud’s hookah charcoal tongs different?

Our hookah charcoal tongs are designed to work safely with hot coals for hookah. The thickness of the tongs allow you to comfortably work with any Kaloud Lotus that has a slot. Thanks to the anatomical shape, it lies comfortably in the hand. The matte finish allows you to safely and confidently hold the tongs in your hands without allowing them to slip out.

An Ultimate Luxury: The Vestara Hookah Tongs

Sexy, classy, chic & beautiful. If you love the finer things in life, these tongs are the cherry on top of the world’s most luxurious hookah.

  • <p>Stainless steel hookah coal grips - heat resistant to keep you from burning yourself</p>

  • <p>Easy grip wooden tong handles - to prevent from slipping out of your hands</p>

  • <p>Available in four different colors - Matte finish in colors that deserve to be on display</p>

  • <p>Stainless steel bezel - Your tongs will last a lifetime and comes with our Kaloud warranty. </p>

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