Kaloud’s Premium Hookah Hose: the Aeolis

Without a hose, there is no hookah. Our medical grade silicone hoses and tips maintain their  flavor so you can get that smooth, fresh taste from each and every draw.


Crafted out of the highest grades of material, so you can enjoy smoking your hookah with ease.

How are Kaloud’s hookah hoses and tips different?

The best premium hookah hose have officially landed. Simple and elegant, the Kaloud Aeolis Hookah hoses include a removable stainless steel hookah mouthpiece that is easy to wash and sanitize after each session. The hookah hose handle is made of wood and rotates 360° so it's  easier to pass and gentler on the wrist while smoking. The hose itself is platinum cured silicone  in a durable weave, which helps to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in the hookah  hose. Each draw is smooth and creates the perfect draw with each puff.

The Kaloud® Aeolis® Argis® Hookah Hose features a white weave with an ash wood handle and silver colored stainless steel metal parts to elevate your smoking experience.

The Kaloud® Aeolis® Niris® Hookah Hose features a black weave with an ebony stained black walnut wood handle and black colored stainless steel metal parts.

The Kaloud® Aeolis® Cyris® Hookah Hose has a black and silver weave with a maple wood handle and brown colored stainless steel metal parts.

The Standard for Luxury Hookahs: The Aeolis Hoses

The perfect hookah hoses for an unforgettable and timeless experience to delight the senses.

  • <p><strong>Platinum Cured Silicone - Our antibacterial hoses are carefully crafted so you can enjoy fresh tasting hookah instead of those nasty little microbes.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Easy to Pass - Never fumble your hose again. Our handles rotate and so you can puff and pass with ease.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Durable - The Aeolis hose is made with high grade stainless steel and solid wood. You’ll be able to savor the moments of all your future sessions.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Wide Diameter - With one of the widest inner diameters in the industry, you can enjoy bigger clouds with our unrestricted draw.</strong></p>

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