Kaloud’s hookah systems are our greatest contribution to the Universe that is Hookah. Crafted from the highest-grade materials to deliver the ultimate hookah experience.


The Perfect Puffs, Guaranteed

How are Kaloud hookahs different?

Kaloud’s Krysalis Monarchs come with Dual-Chambered Hand-Blown Crystal Vessel Intake and a Carbon Activated Filtration System to guarantee the perfect puffs. Kaloud’s woven silicone hoses are built to last, and have no restrictions. Each unit comes with a unique numerical identifier and other surprises so you’re able to evolve your hookah sessions. 

The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria isn't a hookah, it's a Krysalis. Kaloud unleashes a new era of hookah design in an effort for hookah enthusiasts to elevate their hookah experiences. The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria Collection comes in three different colors including black, white, and lucidity (comes with a transparent, clear base). The Lucidity option is also available as a modular and upgradeable base-only with silicone seals and inserts. 

The Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Collection is our highly sought-after hookah system and incorporates designs as never-before seen. Each model has its own aesthetic and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. The Monarch Collection comes with a bigger baseplate and comes in an assortment of color varieties including white, black, and three different gray based wood options. Learn more about how you can elevate your experience below.

The Standard for Luxury Hookahs: The Kaloud Krysalis Monarch Hookahs

Innovating 500-years of hookah tradition one puff at a time

  • <p><strong>Beautiful and mesmerizing Dual-Chambered Hand-Blown Crystal Vessel Intake</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Carbon Activated Filtration System - Clean, tasty  puffs.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Integrated Storage - Art-inspired design for an innovative display.</strong></p>

  • <p><strong>Woven Silicone Hose - No restriction and easy to handle.</strong></p>

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