Lotus I+ and Lotus II: Comparing Kaloud’s World Famous Hookah Heat Management Devices

Since our inception, Kaloud has embarked on an adventure for the soul and senses of hookah smokers worldwide. Our journey to immerse adventure-seekers into the social tradition of the hookah experience started with the introduction of our original heat management device, the Kaloud Lotus I+ and its big brother, the Kaloud Lotus II.

Kaloud has revolutionized the way the world experiences hookah. The Kaloud Lotus I+ is a hookah heat management device created to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to shisha. The HMD also works to reduce any coal contaminants that pass from charcoal to the hookah.

We specifically wanted to design a device that inspires deeper connections. As many hookah enthusiasts point out, the original Kaloud Lotus changed the hookah industry in 2012. We have since upgraded the design, experience, and heating elements of the original Lotus. The Lotus II has been a staple in hookah shops and lounges since it hit the hookah scene in 2019.

Continue reading below to learn more how Kaloud has reimagined hookah with our heat management devices through passion, stylish innovation, and quality materials.

Why Choose the Lotus I+ Hookah Heat Management Device 

Kaloud honors the history of hookah by crafting beautiful products. The Kaloud Lotus I+ was created for hookah sessions to become timeless experiences from package to puffs. The Kaloud Lotus I+ prevents a significant amount of ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses from passing through from the charcoal into the clouds a hookah user inhales, making the clouds smoother, cleaner, and tastier. 


With this premium hookah upgrade, foil is unnecessary to enjoy bigger clouds. The Kaloud Lotus I+ eliminates the need for foil and extends the length of your smoking session, so you and your friends can spend more time bundling and less time fumbling tobacco and hot coals. 


The expanded 3” diameter interior provides more space for larger charcoal pieces, while the raised grooves in the center prevent your coals from blacking out unevenly. 


The Lotus 1+ features an adjustable airflow vent system, whose symmetry is reminiscent of a lotus flower. We chose the name Lotus for this game-changing heat management device because it stands as a symbol for rebirth and enlightenment. Not only does the dome shape resemble a lotus flower, but it also has magical properties, just like the magical experience of an increased, flavor-packed hookah session.

Every Lotus I+ is lightweight and made of Aerospace-grade aluminum alloys. The Lotus I+ comes in a variety of colors including the silver, black (Niris), gold (Auris), and blue (Azuris)


Please note that Lotus I+ should never be preheated on a stovetop or other heating element before placing on top of your hookah bowl. For more information on the Lotus I+, see our guide to using and cleaning the Lotus I+ hookah heat management device.  

 What is a hookah heat management device?

Why Choose the Lotus II Hookah Heat Management Device

Kaloud is passionate about bringing the future to the present. We wanted to evolve the hookah experience further by creating the Kaloud Lotus II hookah heat management device. More interior space leads to faster startup times for your session. One of the key updated features for the Lotus II is the use of aluminum and CNC machines. Because of the new stainless steel build, this HMD can now be preheated. 


The Lotus II has a completely redesigned interior and domed-shaped lid. This new interior raised baseplate places the air channels at a higher location to prevent any loose ash or particles from entering your pipe. 


The deep cutouts of the aluminum body allow for more airflow for better heat control. The raised interior was also a part of the Lotus I+ upgrade; however, the Lotus II performs much better by removing falling ash because of the relocated air channels. 


Each Lotus II also comes with an aluminum key and silicone handle to adjust the heat. You can use the key to either lift the dome off and reposition it to expose or cover the air shields, or use the key to rotate the dome and expose or cover the air shields.


Like the Lotus I+, Kaloud offers the Lotus II HMD in a variety of colors and materials including aluminum and stainless steel. Kaloud offers the aluminum Lotus II in a silver color, and stainless steel Lotus II in silver (Argis), black (Niris), gold (Auris), grey (Nubis), and auburn (Cyris).


A bonus feature for the Lotus II in stainless steel is that it's preheatable.


The Lotus II boasts a lot more airflow and a lot less charcoal. Our mission to improve the reduction of the charcoal taste during your hookah session has been completed. 

For more information on the Lotus II, see our guide to using and cleaning the Lotus II hookah heat management device.

Lotus II

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Now that you know everything about our incredible, hookah-industry-changing heat management devices, check out our collection of Lotus I+ and Lotus II hookah heat management devices. We know you’ll find something you love.


And if you have any other questions about our patented Lotus I+ or Lotus II, or want to know how to get the most out of your HMDs, head over to our hookah heat management guide.


People have always gathered to share experiences. We strive to inspire ourselves and the hookah enthusiasts of the future.  Get ready to embark on the journey to perfect puffs with Kaloud.




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