How To Prevent a Hookah Headache


A Hookah session is meant to be relaxing and fun, but sometimes, if the Hookah isn’t set up or used properly, it can leave a headache in its wake. The good news is that a few small precautions can result in incredible sessions, free of any residual headaches.

Below are 8 ways to smoke hookah without experiencing headaches:

  1. Make sure your charcoal is fully lit

Depending on how you’re lighting your hookah charcoal it can take up to 15 minutes to light. Ideally, it should be glowing red before you start your puffs. When using a Kaloud Lotus, wait 5-10 minutes after placing the charcoal inside.

  1. Don’t use quick light charcoal, if possible

Quick light charcoal is typically coated with chemicals that allow it to light up with ease. These chemicals can cause headaches or other negative responses during your sessions. Always use a high-grade natural charcoal that is free of chemical additives. The Kaloud Aura Premium Charcoal is a good choice.

  1. Have something sweet before and during sessions

If smoking hookah on an empty stomach, your blood pressure may fall. This may cause you to feel nauseous, dizzy, faint, or bring on a headache. A great way to avoid this is to eat something before you start smoking your Hookah. Consuming something sweet usually does this trick. Fruit juice, tea, pastries, or candies are perfect examples.

  1. Enjoy your puff in a well-ventilated area

Make sure that whenever you’re smoking hookah that you are in a well-ventilated area. Smoke only when windows, doors, or vents are open, or when you’re outdoors. This will prevent carbon dioxide /monoxide from building up. In turn, this will preserve the oxygen in your bloodstream. 

  1. Puff puff pass

It’s okay to smoke your hookah alone, but it’s even better to smoke it with friends. Sharing is caring, so pass the puff. You’ll avoid making enemies and also give your body a chance to rest and recoup between puffs. 

  1. User a Kaloud Lotus or other high-quality heat managing device

As the inventor of the HMD, Kaloud designed the Kaloud Lotus to make using your hookah easier. The Kaloud Lotus will reduce the amount of Carbon Monoxide going into your smoke. You’ll also be able to pair it with Ayara Activated Carbon Charcoal Filters to clean your smoke even more.

  1. Keep your equipment clean

Keeping your hookah gear clean will go a long way in helping you stay healthy as you smoke. If you have a Kaloud Krysalis, you can boil all the metal parts without damaging them. Clear out germs, fungi, and viruses from those hard-to-reach places. Doing these little things will keep you and the people sharing your hookah safe.

  1. Choose the Right Shisha Tobacco

Finally, make sure that you choose the shisha tobacco (hookah tobacco) that’s right for you. This means you should see how you feel using blonde leaf (light) tobacco vs. dark leaf tobacco. Pay attention to the different shisha flavors. Over time you can see how they affect you during your Hookah sessions.

We hope this info helps you find your perfect smoke clouds. Now go on and create magical hookah sessions that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

To more pleasurable and painless puffs,

The Kaloud Team

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