She's got the look... "Chicha Kaloud", a new song by Naps

Bonjour tribe!

Well, it sounds like we have a new anthem for fall. If you haven't yet heard, Kaloud is featured front and center in the new hit song "Chicha Kaloud" by the french rapper Naps. 

With verses by Sofiane & Kalif Hardcore, the lyrics tell us of a becoming young woman who "Elle a la dégaine, elle a un truc de ouf / Khapta le week-end, elle fume la chicha kaloud", roughly translated to mean "She's got the look, she's got something crazy / She parties on weekends, she smokes Kaloud shisha". 

Here at Kaloud we applaud this avant-garde taste in hookah brands. We encourage you all to listen to the track below as you rendez-vous with your friends this coming weekend, or en route to your own Khapta party, complete with Kaloud Krysalis® or Kaloud Lotus®.

Look closely, can you spot the Kaloud Krysalis® Monarch® in the album art?

With nearly one million listens on Spotify, we can attest that this track will be a top song for 2021 and will be in frequent rotation on hookah session playlists. 

Now go grab some champagne, a baguette to snack on, some charcoal and shisha and enjoy the cleanest, smoothest puffs you've ever experienced. 

Bon Voyage,

The team at Kaloud

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